Automatic Detection

Fire Dectection

The fire detector is the best way to notify a fire in initial stages, permitting take measures for the fire control, evacuation procedures and the actuation of extinguishing systems.

This system is suitable for any type of buildings, from offices, industries, public buildings, residentials, commercial and is strongly recommended at home.

Analogic Systems

More advanced systems allow the exact location of the element that detects fire, and sequencing of action more interested in each case: a plant evacuation, full evacuation. Interact with other systems: cutting the air conditioning, gas supply, notify the central station.

How a fire detection system work?
  • The detector is activated with the presence of smoke, flame or temperature depending on the system design, sending a signal to the control panel.
  • If there is a fire propagation, the detectors are activated within the fire area.
  • The control panel reports where the fire is located, active bells, active evacuation procedures and the signal is transmitted in a remote way.
  • Manual fire stations are operated manually to notify the existence of a fire.

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